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Buy 5 Euro Bank Notes



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The five euro note is the lowest value euro banknote and has been used since the introduction of the euro in 2002. The note is used in the 25 countries which have it as their sole currency; with a population of about 343 million.

The five euro note is the smallest at 120 by 62 millimeters (4.7 in × 2.4 in) with a grey color scheme. All banknotes depict bridges, arches or doorways in a different historical European style; the five euro note shows the Classical era (up to the fifth century). The words ‘BCE ECB EZB EKT EKP’ are printed on the paper note. The banknote features the flag with 12 stars of the European Union.

Like all euro notes, it contains the denomination, the EU flag, the signature of the president of the ECB and the initials of said bank in different EU languages, a depiction of EU territories overseas, the stars from the EU flag and twelve security features as listed below

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