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Security features Security fibers, security thread, watermark, color-shifting ink, microprinting, raised printing, EURion constellation.




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In addition to design changes introduced in 2000, the obverse features red background images of the Statue of Liberty’s torch, the phrase we the people from the United States Constitution, a smaller metallic representation of the Statue of Liberty’s torch, orange and yellow background color, a borderless portrait of Hamilton, and to the left of Hamilton small yellow 10s whose zeros form the EURion constellation.

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The reverse features small yellow EURion 10s and has the fine lines removed from around the vignette of the United States Treasury Building. These notes were issued in series 2004A with Cabral-Snow signatures. The first notes were printed in July 2005.

As of December 2013, the average life of a $10 bill is 4.5 years, or about 54 months, before it is replaced due to wear. Ten-dollar bills are delivered by Federal Reserve Banks in yellow straps.

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  1. As in the real USD 10 dollar note, the background colors are orange, red and yellow and a legal security thread is put inside the orange. Keeping all these features in mind, we have also included all of these properties in our notes.
  2. Besides, our Undetectable Counterfeit money is to be used only for the Motion Picture Purposes and a customer has to agree that our bills will be used for the legal activities. Keeping in mind all of the security features used in real USD 10 bills, our company has also done this thing with our fake ones.

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